Facebook marketing and free advertising for dog groomers and pet grooming professionals                                 Facebook marketing and free advertising for dog groomers and pet grooming professionals
Social Media Marketing For Pet Grooming Business Owners
How groomers can profit from facebook
Facebook marketing for pet grooming

This System is NOT For Everybody. Here's Who It WILL Work For: 

1. You have to have a legitimate grooming business. 

This system is for legitimate grooming business owners who want to grow their business, get more grooming clients and make more money. This won't work for "here today, gone tomorrow" shops.   

2. You must have a good, solid reputation.

Every part of this system will not only be bringing you in more customers and profits, but it will also create MASSIVE word of mouth advertising for your business. In order for this to work FOR you and not AGAINST you, you need to be an above board, reputable grooming business. Grooming shops that have a poor reputation for cleanliness, or are known for animal abuse can quickly find themselves in a really bad media storm from negative online comments.

3. You must follow directions. After all, if you don't actually implement the strategies that I give you, then you won't see any results or make any money. 

That's It! Those are the requirements for this system to work for you. If you meet the above criteria and would like to learn how to get incredible results with facebook, then let's get started.
Groomers facebook system
Here's everything that you will get with this complete system: 
  • The manual with the entire profit system formula broken down in detail for you to use. Updated for 2017
  • 52 Cost-free ways to quickly get tons of fans
  • The inside secrets to turning fans into paying customers
  • The top 56 things to post that produce viral results
  • Posting calendar & cost-free automation system
  • Extra income producer- Step by step setup to earn commissions from your own free amazon store of recommended pet products. Runs right on your Facebook page & takes only 30 minutes to setup!
  • 17 "Check-in" sign templates
  • 17 "Like" sign templates.
  • Encourage customers to "check in" .Check in's get posted instantly to your fans friends. Great free advertising!
  • Edit & print in minutes. Instructions included 

Setting up your groomers facebook account
First, let's get your facebook page optimized for maximum performance. There are 4 KEY settings on every fanpage that if set right, will propel your facebook page towards the top of Google search results when pet owners in your area search online for a groomer.  Click here to download my free checklist that will show you what those are & some inside tricks to leveraging them. 

Second, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" so it's important to have a professional and powerful cover & profile image to represent your business. The right images can mean the difference between someone choosing to "like" your page or not. No "likes" means no money. Below, are just a few of the professional cover images that you will get if you decide to get my complete system.
Groomers Facebook Covers
Get facebook fans
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Learn how to generate new grooming clients by just spending 20mins/wk on facebook
Effortlessly get 100's of local pet owners to "like" your page

Easily turn your facebook fans into thousands of dollars

Reduce your facebook marketing time down to just 20mins/week   
HOw pet grooming businesses can make money with facebook
Get This FREE E-Book That Will Show You...

  • The 4 KEY page settings that can either make or break your facebook success.
  • ​Inside tricks to get your facebook page found by more local pet owners.
  • How to optimize your fanpage for success. 
If This Sounds Like You,
Then These Insider Secrets Will Help You To:
Here's How.

The first thing I am going to do for you is to personally show you how to set up a strategic system to bring in immediate money and new grooming clients with Facebook.

There is no cost to these strategies and it only takes about 60 minutes to set everything up, if you follow my system. (After doing this type of thing for several years, I've gotten pretty good at fast results)

I've already done all of the time consuming work for you. I am going to show you exactly what to post on your fanpage to convert your fans into paying customers, how to get fans (local pet owners), and how to bring in back- end money as well. 

At the end of this page, one of two things will happen:

1. You love the strategies that I have given you and you decide to implement them on your own.

2. You love the strategies and decide that you want the complete system so that I can personally walk you through every step to execute, maximize, and profit from it ASAP.  

If that's the case, you'll knock it out of the park.... and that's a promise. Every single one of my clients gets results.Every. Single. One. 

So in either case, the few minutes that you spend reading through this site, will empower you with some inside tricks so that you can immediately begin to harness the profit potential of facebook.
How to turn facebook fans into profits
There are multiple ways to convert fans into paying customers and they are broken down into two categories. Active and Passive. Let's first get you set up with a passive income. This is something that you can put into place and "set it up once and forget about it". This inside secret will provide you with a steady stream of paying customers and back-end profit. This information is so valuable, that I should not even be sharing it here so I will provide you with the basics to get you started, but if you want me to personally show you how to do it, then you will need to reference the system blueprints in my complete system. 

Reduce your facebook marketing time to 20mins/week
The key to posting content that will get shared and therefore bring you viral results is to post content that your fans will find useful, funny, cute, unique, personal or entertaining. No pressure, right? For me, it's not that difficult because it is my full-time job. I spend 10hrs a day writing and creating articles, content and products. So I just simply use those. But I seriously doubt that you want to spend hours each day creating content to share on top of already spending your entire day running a grooming business right? So here is how you can cut the whole process down to just 20 minutes per week and get awesome, viral results. 
Put your whole facebook marketing system on Auto-Pilot. This way, you can just simply schedule a day each week to sit down for 20 minutes and enter your posts.   

Here is how it works.
Getting content to post- Top marketers use some simple and cost-free online tools to quickly curate content from the web to use as material to share on their social media pages. You can easily utilize the same tools that they do. In my system, I will show you exactly where to get them and just how to use them. This way, when you sit down once a week to schedule all of your posts(with a no-cost auto post tool), you can just simply look in your email inbox and cut and paste the links, pictures, articles, and videos right into your posts. But there is a certain type of content that you want to use. Like I mentioned before, if you word it right and choose the right material, your posts will go viral. So I have also included in my system a list of 56 things to post that will go viral. That will take all of the guess work out of it for you. I have also included some holiday & general posting graphics templates that will make it quick & easy for you to post beautiful looking images to your fanpage.

So what is this automated post scheduling thing that I mentioned? It's a lifesaver. There are cost-free online social media posting tools that will allow you to enter all of your posts for a week into one system. The system will then automatically post to your facebook page for you, all week long on the day and time that you tell it to. With these tools, you can just simply spend 20 minutes, one day a week, cutting and pasting your posts into this scheduler. I share all of them with you in my complete system but if you want to look into this on your own, you can Google "free social media posting tools" and several will come up. 

To speed things up even faster, I also recommend creating an annual posting calendar. That way, you have a strategic plan in place. The calendar should include all of the national holidays and pet awareness months and it should include a variety of strategic posts that will lead to sales. I have created this calendar for you and have included it in my complete system. 
Fast track yourself to success
So now that you are armed with the outline of what others are using to actually succeed on facebook. It's time to make it happen for you. 

I have painstakingly spent three months putting all of the exact details of my complete system into an easy to follow blueprint for you. 

I have also created 108 professional looking Facebook templates for you. The easy edit templates will give you pre-made facebook cover images, matching profile pictures and general posting graphics. Plus facebook signs for you to use to get "check ins" and more "likes". Together, these 3 products make up a complete "done for you" system that you can just plug into place and run with.

If you want to fast track through getting this system into place for yourself so that you can begin to bring in money immediately, then you can instantly download this Groomer's Facebook Profits Kit below.
The templates pictured above are 100% editable with the super easy point & click online editor available free from Google at Google.com/Slides/About. It's just like Microsoft Powerpoint except for it's free and it eliminates any & all compatibility issues that Powerpoint often had.
  • Pet grooming cover image templates. 100% editable
  • Matching profile image templates. 100% editable
  • Holiday & event posting templates
  • Add-on services posting templates
  • Digital coupons templates
  • And more. 108 editable templates in all.
​Get your copy of this complete system in your hands within minutes. It is available for instant digital download and is now included in the Advanced Edition of our Groomer's Profit Kit for $39.95 on our main website at PetGroomingMarketingKit.com
Pet groomers facebook sign templates 2017
Third, we will install what I call, a Plan B onto your page. Since it is crucial to get every single pet owner to "like" your page before you can even begin to convert them into paying customers, Plan B will be the backup plan to entice them even further into "liking" your page. With my complete system, I will personally walk you through the secrets that successful fanpages use to entice people to like their page. 

Fourth, it's time to get you some fans. But not just any fans. The key here is to get local pet owners to like your page. Once they become a fan, it's easy to convert them and the beauty of facebook is that it works like a virus. When someone "likes" your page, that action shows up on their newsfeed to ALL of that persons friends. Plus, facebook now has improved the power of this by also including a mini picture of your fanpage cover in that newsfeed. This is just a tiny glimpse into how you can get more fans by simply utilizing the natural viral effects of facebook. In my complete system I go into detail about how to work it. I also give you the details on 52 different cost- free ways to get targeted fans.

One of the quickest ways to begin acquiring fans is to start with your current clients. Once your current clients become fans of your page, you can then begin to post cute "before and after" photos of their pets each time you groom them. I will show you how to then "tag" your clients & other tricks to let them know that you have posted their pets adorable picture. They will almost always then share the cute photo of their baby with their friends. Then the power of facebook really kicks in here. Once their friends see that they are using your grooming services, you immediately begin to see a rise in new customers. How? Because that ONE post gives you instant credibility. People have a natural tendency to value the opinions of their friends so that one post translates to this:  "If Jane takes her pets to this groomer then they must be good. I'll try them when it's time for my dogs to get groomed ".      

Are you beginning to see how this facebook thing actually works? One fan can lead to another, then another...... Now if you still don't believe in it, picture this. If every single customer that comes to you, "checks in" to you business on facebook...that single "check in" gets blasted out on their newsfeed as a status update. It also posts a clickable link to your page. That means free advertising for you! The average facebook user has around 200 friends. So that one "check in" from each of your customers throughout the day can get your business info blasted out to hundreds of people all day long! Every single day. That is some pretty powerful word of mouth advertising. And it's free! Would this give you enough exposure every day so that you could then begin to cutback on your conventional advertising and save money? It's probably a pretty safe bet.

So you are probably wondering how to get this great exposure started. It's actually very easy. You just simply display a "check in" sign on your counter. In my complete system, I have included these signs. You will get 17 "check-in" sign templates and 17 "like" sign templates along with complete, step by step instructions.  
If you prefer to make custom check in signs, you can make them quickly because the sign templates are 100% editable. The templates are super easy to edit right online, utilizing Google's free online editor. The kit includes complete step by step instructions that will walk you through it. It's so easy, anyone that can point and click a mouse will be able to qucikly & easily edit the signs and print them out in minutes! 

So far, I have given you a couple of different ways to get facebook fans. But there are dozens of more inside tricks that you can use and I can't possibly include all them here. So I have included details of 52 cost-free ways to get 100's of local pet owners as fans in my complete system available at the bottom of this page. 

Having a ton of fans is awesome, but the bottom line is this....if they don't lead to paying customers, then your fanpage can quickly become just another time zapper. And I am sure that as a business owner, you probably don't have a lot of extra time left at the end of each day to waste on something that isn't going to make you money. So let's get down to brass tacks here. Below, I am going to share with you how you can turn those fans into profits AND how to achieve this by only spending 20 minutes per week on your facebook page.   
Pet groomers facebook sign templates 2017
A Passive back-end money maker can be easily installed within your facebook page by utilizing some simple, no-cost online tools. All of these money makers can run on "tabs" that will be visible right under the cover image of your fanpage AND along the left hand side of your fan page. So they get featured twice which means they get a lot of activity. These tabs are easy to create and cost nothing to install, if you utilize the methods that I share with you in my system. You can see what these tabs look like in the picture below.  
With these tabs, you will effortlessly capture new grooming clients and sales right from your fanpage. These tabs literally turn your facebook page into a 24-hr a day profit machine. 

This is how:

Opportunity #1- Follow my system to install a tab that will allow people to request a grooming appointment right from your facebook page. You can even set it up to work so that it will actually allow them to book one right online. This is quick and easy to set up and once installed, you never have to touch it again. Just sit back and watch the appointment requests come flooding into your email inbox every day.

Opportunity #2- Billions of dollars in sales are being reported from businesses that are offering products for sale within these tabs on their pages. Join them. If you sell retail, I will show you how to quickly set this up. If you don't sell retail products, let me share with you a little known secret on how you can create your own back-end money maker here. Amazon (one of the largest online shopping sites) will give you,... yes... give you a free online storefront in which you can display their pet products for sale. Anytime someone purchases from your store of recommended products, Amazon pays you a commission! This is a no-brainer. You spend 60 minutes setting it up once and Amazon does all the rest. It's free to signup, the storefront only takes you 60 minutes to setup if you follow my step by step illustrated instructions and then you install the no-cost tab onto your fanpage that will display the store so that people can buy pet products right from your facebook page.   

In my complete system, I not only show you how to set up both of these opportunities, but I will also reveal to you 27 different ways to use these tabs to rake in cash from your facebook page. I cover every detail of what works and how to set them up. If you prefer to do the work on your own, you can visit youtube and search through the how-to videos about facebook tabs and those should show you how to set them up and what they can be used for.

Now that I have covered the passive way to profit from facebook, I'll go over the active way to profit from it...

What you post and when you post determines the actions of what your fans will do next. The right posts, at the right times can quickly convert fans into customers. But what the heck do you post about every day? And what do you say so that it doesn't come off as "salesey" or "high pressure"? Plus...who in the world has that much time on their hands to be posting all the time? This next section will show you how to eliminate all of those issues.    

2017 Groomer's Facebook E-book
2017 Groomer's Facebook cover images for pet grooming business owners